Friday, June 6, 2008

can't believe I did it!

I can't believe that I really started a blog. I have always thought that people who blogged had too much time on their hands. But I am finding that being so far away from friends and family that it is quicker for me to post and go, than to constantly email! So here it is my first blog, are you happy now ANNMARIE!!

I don't really have much to post now at this time, I have just been really busy planning a baby shower and running around in 100 degree heat! And I know that it will only be worse the further into summer that we get.

I am into scrapbooking and card making and I am hoping to get some pics published on here soon of some of my handy work. And of course some more of my seriously cute baby girl.

So for those of you that will read this, pray to the computer gods that I have figured this out and you will see more of me later!

1 comment:

Annmarie said...

yay! i am happy now! can't wait to see your fab projects and z is soo cute!