Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

Well, the summer is in full swing...army style!!! That means go to the field, come back, go again, come back, go again...see a pattern here? Well that is what is going on here. It has been really hot and no rain in sight. Which means that all of my plants, all of two are dead. We had the funeral last week. Those things were dry as a bone. My little Z, is getting excited. She knows that after the summer she gets to start school. Well, pre-school, but she doesn't care so long as there are friends there to play then it is on.

My mother in law has come down, first time she has ever travel anywhere, and by herself, so we are proud of her for that. She is getting to spend good time with the granddaughter and they are both loving it. Going to take her to a rodeo for the first time ever. Can't wait to get that on film.

We were hoping for orders to leave and go to some place new, but alas the army has seen fit to well, screw you over again. So we have lost all hope of ever leaving this post. Looks like more deployments are coming down the pike any way.

All of you will be happy to know that my man is now promotable. We are really proud of him for that. I am attending school. I have finally decided what I want to be when I grow up and I am going after it full steam ahead. Yes, I know that it should have come a long time ago, seeing as I am.....well, I am not going to tell you how old I am, just suffice it to say that the last time I went to school, there were no computers in them...not even in your home, you couldn't afford them, oh and uh...no microwaves either, well...maybe but they were HUGE!!!

So for all of you that can remember those days you will understand what a huge undertaking this is for me and my fam. For those of you who can, forget it, you never will. But that too shall pass.

Still hoping to get some of my scrapbooking and cardmaking posted, but I am having time management issues. I just completed this really cool picture book, very patriotic and very cute if I do say so myself.

That is all for now...hoping to post again soon!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

been a while

Well...it is june in my little corner of the world. Hot doesn't even begin to describe it. It is horribly hot. My husband is still gone to school for the Army. I would give you all the accronym, but who really cares? I can't wait for him to come home and give me a small break from my little Z. How can a kid be so loveable, but yet make you wish for a large apple martini at the same time? Good news on the kid home front. She is 100% potty trained now!! Hooray!! We haven't had to have pull-ups on for a while now, not even going out to the mall. We have princess panties, they have been one of her best initiatives. That and going to school. Here they start school at age 3. She is dying to go and be with her friends and ride "the bus yellow". So that was a great way to incourage her also. Either way it is less money a month that goes to Huggies!!

I have decided to go back to school and work on my degree and I have been knee deep in paper writing. Nothing like being alone to raise your kid and go to school at the same time. I must be crazy, maybe I just didn't have enough to do and thought what is one more thing? Either way some thing is sure wrong with me. Nothing much else to report for now, keep in mind I am still new to all this blogging, but hopefully I get it all figured out and get some of my scrapbooking work put on here for all the land to see.

Friday, June 6, 2008

can't believe I did it!

I can't believe that I really started a blog. I have always thought that people who blogged had too much time on their hands. But I am finding that being so far away from friends and family that it is quicker for me to post and go, than to constantly email! So here it is my first blog, are you happy now ANNMARIE!!

I don't really have much to post now at this time, I have just been really busy planning a baby shower and running around in 100 degree heat! And I know that it will only be worse the further into summer that we get.

I am into scrapbooking and card making and I am hoping to get some pics published on here soon of some of my handy work. And of course some more of my seriously cute baby girl.

So for those of you that will read this, pray to the computer gods that I have figured this out and you will see more of me later!